Teen Handjobs

Petite Alita Lee Auditions for the Gig

With a sweet innocent face like that, it’s hard to imagine a cutie like Alita Lee would do just about “anything” to land a gig that would help pay the bills. But hey, you know how it goes, bills are bills and they need to get paid!

Alita heard about a new position opening up that supposedly paid very, very well. So well that she couldn’t quite believe it. She looks young and naive, but she’s actually quite the smart cookie and caught on to exactly what was happening. Chuck, the interviewer, was really just looking for a handjob!

But truth be told, Alita did not mind, not one bit. She loved teasing dick with her soft innocent voice and long slender fingers. After doing a cute little striptease and showing off that perfect bubbly booty, Alita knew that Chuck would not be able to hold back any longer and she pumped out his thick sticky load with 2 hands and like a good girl enjoyed every last drop!

Watch cutie Alita Lee give a handjob during her audition at Tug Casting!

Alita Lee Handjob Audition