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European Dogging

DOGGING: Dogging is a special European concept that involves more or less public sex in the back of a car. As such it is a development of the classic dating in cars and drive-in movie theaters leading to making out on the backseat.

However in the Euro version, known as Dogging, spectators are very much a part of the sport and as such it relates more to forms of exhibitionism than the normal backseat banging on hidden away spots, that were exactly intended not to attract attention from parents and others. Horny guys, Dirty GFS, and wild housewives, the passion is the same. In Europe, there are actually unwritten but well-known Dogging Locations where you have a pretty good chance of catching some teen girls and boys in the act of public sex.

Interfering isn’t condoned unless invited, but clapping and cheering very much is. Dogging isn’t for shy people or those preferring to keep the lights off when making out. But if you have a voyeur in your stomach, go feed the exhibitionist teens!